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The Lemon Drop Martini – The Lemon and Gin Cocktail

how to make a lemon gin cocktail

There are many popular cocktails all over the world. In fact, some of these popular cocktail drinks came forth a variety of different cocktail drinks that are slight variations of the original drink. If you are trying to find a way on how to make a lemon gin cocktail, then look no further as the lemon drop martini perfectly fits the concoction you are looking for. The lemon drop martini is actually a slight mix variation to the original martini cocktail drink that is popular all around the world.

The very reason people attempt to create variance with the original conceptualized drink is because they want to cater the drink based according to their personal preferences. It is through this that some of the brilliant derivatives of widely popular cocktail drinks develop competitive element that is at times enough to give challenge to the classic drink they have been derived from.

how to make a lemon gin cocktailThe lemon drop martini is a classic case of being able to develop a concoction that can uniquely stand on its own. Although more of a girly drink than that of a man’s drink, the lemon drop martini is the perfect way of adding a sweet and sour flavor element to the mix in order to mask the strong alcoholic taste that gin has. Since gin has strong essence of juniper berries, being able to mask this seemingly unpleasant taste to some is a work of pure genius as it caters to what has been initially a necessity.

To make your lemon drop martini, you will need the following ingredients:

1½ oz. Gin
½ oz    Triple Sec
1 teaspoon Superfine Sugar (or to taste)
¾ oz.   Lemon Juice (freshly squeezed preferably)
Ice Cubes
Lemon Twist

The lemon drop martini is served with a glass that is rimmed with sugar. This can be done by inserting a lemon wedge on the lip of the glass and rubbing the wedge around the whole lip area to make it moist and allow sugar to stick to it. Once wet, dipping the lip of the glass in a saucer with superfine sugar helps to achieve this effect.

When creating the cocktail, get a shaker and fill it with ice. Put in your gin, triple sec, lemon juice, and superfine sugar inside the shaker. Cover it and shake the contents very vigorously. Around 40 strong agitated shaking will do, or at least when the sugar inside has been fully dissolved. Strain contents onto your sugar-rimmed martini glass. Add some garnish to the drink. Serve and enjoy.

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